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Whole Food Multi Complete
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Whole Food Multi Complete
America’s best kept supplementing secret for 15 years!

With 54 ingredients to support your overall health, including weight management.

Optimize Digestion – Increase Energy – Boost Metabolism

Whole Food Multi Complete will not only provide nutrients you need to maintain optimal health, but will enhance your ability to lose weight.

Forget the single-ingredient “miracle herb” approach.

Instead, Whole Food Multi Complete contains dozens of ingredients that support weight loss through better digestion, increased metabolism, and overall better health.

Here are six ways that Whole Food Multi Complete helps manage your weight as a supporting supplement:

1. Enzymes for better fat and carb digestion

Cooked and processed fats and sugars lack the enzymes needed to ensure digestion and assimilation in the body. The result is stored fat or elevated blood sugar levels.Studies have shown that obese people are usually deficient in the enzyme necessary to break fat down to a usable form. This enzyme is lipase. Whole Food Multi Complete contains a full array of plant enzymes, including lipase.This helps you digest fat better and helps prevent it from being stored as body fat.The other plant enzymes in the Whole Food Multi Complete formula include enzymes to help with the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. The complete enzyme blend has more then ten different enzymes.

2. Garcinia, CLA and Ginkgo for faster metabolism

Garcinia cambogia is well-known in the weight loss industry, and is usually marketed as a stand alone product. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is also well-known, and is even listed as one of the “Top Ten Weight Loss Supplements” in a 2009 Huffington Post article.Ginkgo biloba is better known as a mental support nutrient; however, it is also gaining popularity for weight loss since it contains the same flavonoids that are thought to give green tea its weight loss properties.It is worth noting that studies on these nutrients frequently highlight the fact that there is no “magic pill” when it comes to weight loss. However, when many nutrients are combined, as is the case with Whole Food Multi Complete, the results are more profound.These three particular nutrients help with weight loss by increasing metabolic rates. In other words, they help the body convert food more efficiently into energy.

3. Probiotics—because a healthy gut is essential for weight loss

Probiotic proponents have linked gut health with weight loss for decades, but new research is now making it impossible for doubters to deny the link.It may not yet be possible to identify the mechanism, but research has shown that the gut health of overweight people is far different than people who are lean.Specifically, the overweight population has less diverse gut bacteria.

Even more telling, research has shown that when an overweight person loses their extra weight, their gut microflora reverts to a similar makeup of that seen in the lean individuals originally. (Study from Washington University, St. Louis, as reported in Nature.)

Whole Food Multi Complete addresses this issue head-on by providing eight different strains of probiotics.

When taking the recommended dose you will be ingesting a diverse mix of 3.5 billion CFU of probiotics each day. This will not only build your body’s immune system, but—as the research shows—will also help you maintain a healthy body weight!

4. Grape Seed Extract and Gymnema Sylvestre for appetite suppression

Grape Seed Extract and Gymnema sylvestre are natural appetite suppressants, and are especially helpful in lowering the craving for sweet foods.

Make sure you take at least the minimum dose of Whole Food Multi Complete with each meal, so you will be ingesting small quantities of these beneficial appetite control foods every few hours throughout the day.

5. Garlic and Chromium for blood sugar regulation

Garlic and chromium both help regulate the ups and downs in your blood sugar levels.

Fluctuations in blood sugar cause constant cravings for carbohydrates and sweets, which encourages your body to turn on its fat-storing hormones. With regular dosing of garlic and chromium, you will always have these key nutrients available to keep the blood sugar even and to lower the junk cravings.

Garlic has a long history as a natural medicine. Its long history spans thousands of years with some sources recording over 100 medicinal uses.

In this long list it has been shown to be a potent detoxifier; a powerful diuretic; and an effective “cell fat flusher”… all helpful properties for losing weight.

6. Potent energy promoting nutrients

Increased energy has many health benefits, ranging from keeping your brain sharp, to helping you age slower, to maintaining your libido. This is why Whole Food Multi Complete is packed full of nutrients to increase your energy levels. Good health requires being active.

All the vitamins and minerals in Whole Food Multi Complete are necessary for good health and energy; however, vitamin B12, vitamin D and the minerals potassium, sulfer and magnesium are key players in energy metabolism. Taking the regular recommended dose each day will supply 100% of the RDA of these key nutrients.

Other natural energy nutrients included in the Whole Food Multi Complete formula are lutein, lecithin, licorice root.

For extra energy, and to benefit from the other weight loss nutrients, you can increase your recommended dose of Whole Food Multi Complete. Simply increase the 3-capsule-per-meal dose to 4 or 5 capsules.

This is especially helpful—even necessary—if you currently feel sluggish in the afternoons, or if you have junk food cravings.

(Note: If your evening meal is late in the evening, we recommend not increasing your capsules with this meal. However, if your evening meal is four hours or more before bedtime, then you can increase the capsules with this meal also.)

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