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PLEASE NOTE: Our product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our product contains nutrients that have been clinically proven to nutritionally support the body; however, under the rules created by the FDA, no supplement manufacturer can make the claim that their product(s) will cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. Only an FDA approved drug can make this claim.

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, Whole Food Multi Complete has been abbreviated to “WFMC” in this Q & A.

1. Why is it necessary to take multiple capsules of this product, when some vitamin products advertise taking just one a day?

First, WFMC is really a complete supplement program. It is not just a basic vitamin/mineral. This is the most important aspect of our product, and what sets us apart. In addition to supplying 100% of the RDA for a number of vitamins and minerals, WFMC supplies probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidant herbs, muscle & joint nutrients, energy and weight support, and more.

Secondly, WFMC is a “whole food” product–meaning it contains a large number of real foods to supply the nutrients. Research shows providing the nutrients this way is more beneficial; however, it is also much “bulkier” when compared to synthetic nutrients. Hence, more capsules are required.

Do you really believe you can receive a significant benefit from a “one-a-day” chemical-based pill made in a factory in China? We don’t. Instead, choose food-based supplements (such as WFMC) and take them in quantities that can truly impact your health!

2. Since WFMC contains live probiotics, shouldn’t the product be kept in a refrigerator?
The stabilized probiotics we use are dormant at room temperature due to a special cryogenic process. Only with the addition of water do they become active. The stabilizing process is expensive, but makes for a more practical and effective product.

3. Is WFMC considered safe for vegetarians?
Our product is completely vegetarian. It is also gluten, soy and dairy FREE. The capsules are vegetable derived also.

4. What are enzymes and what do they do?
Enzymes are tiny proteins that are found in the living cells of raw foods. These enzymes help digest food, and makes the food more readily-absorbed in the body. Enzymes are destroyed at 118º F and are not present in cooked, processed and packaged foods. When these “enzyme-less” foods are eaten it puts an additional burden on the body to digest the food on its own. And, when the body struggles to do this, health issues eventually arise.

If fats are not digested properly we can get excess fat storage in the body. If proteins are not digested properly excess uric acid crystals will form, and will collect in the joints. If carbohydrates are not digested properly, you may suffer from chronic fatigue. When we take in enzymes with each meal, it will help the body better digest these fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

5. Do you use only organic ingredients?
NOTE: In this definition, “organic” is referring to the natural, chemical-free growing of food. In other places our use of the word “organic” refers to living foods with a right-hand (dextro-rotary) spin.

WFMC is not 100% organic; however, all ingredients that can be organic, are. Moreover, when totally organic ingredients are not available we obtain pesticide-free nutrients. Our primary concern in making WFMC is to provide seven different supplements in a single product.

It takes the sourcing of 54 ingredients from a dozen countries to accomplish this, and it is not always possible to source these ingredients from guaranteed organic suppliers. If we chose to only source from organic suppliers we would not be able to provide all the nutrients we do.

6. What is the capsule made out of?
Our capsules are manufactured from vegetable-derived ingredients. No animal products are used in our capsules or ingredients.

7. Do you use fillers to make all capsules appear full, as some manufacturers do?
There are no fillers in WFMC capsules. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The most common query we get is why it is necessary to take so many capsules each day. We fully answer this query in Question 10 below; however, suffice it to say that with the challenge of providing the high number of nutrients we include in each capsule, we do not need to “puff up” our capsules with fake ingredients.

8. Have these vitamins been approved by the FDA?
The FDA doesn’t need to approve any whole food based vitamin supplement. The FDA does have a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list they publish that lists all the nutrients that are considered safe. WFMC’s nutrients are ALL on this list.

9. How much of the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed and utilized by the body, and how much passes through without being absorbed?
The absorption of the vitamins and minerals are dependent on a couple of factors. Are the nutrients in their organic (living) state? In other words, are the nutrients in the state as close to the form they were in when they were in the ground. Nature makes foods in the right form so that they are absorbed properly including the vitamins and minerals. Most products are synthetically made and do not have the same absorption benefits.

WFMC uses organic (living) whole food nutrients and organic minerals that are patented and proven through research to be absorbed up to 400% better than others. The absorption of each mineral and vitamin is different but we also put a proprietary delivery system in the formula called “Opti-Blend.” This unique enzyme blend greatly enhances the absorption of the nutrients by adding back even more enzymes and minerals from nature that help with the absorption and assimilation process.

10. Why do I need to take 9 capsules a day?
There are two reasons for this, and they are very important distinctions:

First, remember that WFMC is an entire supplement program… not just a plain vitamin mineral. And it takes multiple capsules to supply beneficial amounts of all these nutrients. In fact, WFMC has 54 different ingredients comprising seven nutrient categories.

Besides vitamins and minerals, WFMC also provides multi strains of probiotics; a full array of plant digestive enzymes; antioxidant herbs; a bone and joint formula; an energy and weight management blend; and an immune support formula. All in one product! No other product does this, and that’s what makes WFMC so special.

You no longer have to buy five, six, or even seven, bottles of product each month to receive all these nutrients! The trade-off (if you can call it that) is that you need to take nine capsules a day–three with each meal.

Secondly, WFMC is a real food (or whole food) product. When you create a whole food product, you keep everything from the food except the fiber and water. This takes up much more room than the synthetic vitamins that only have a fraction of the vitamin or mineral.

11. How many different ingredients are in this vitamin?
We separate the definitions of “ingredients” and “nutrients.” It takes 54 ingredients to mix up a batch of WFMC. This is a record in the supplement industry as most supplements only have one to ten ingredients in a formula.

But as amazing as this is, to count the actual nutrients would be near impossible. This is because there are so many real foods and herbs in WFMC… and every food ingredient has numerous nutrients. Moreover, as foods and herbs continue to be researched, additional nutrients are discovered in those foods!

12. Can children take this vitamin, and if so, how many capsules should they take daily?
Since The WFMC formula is whole food based then it is safe for most children. We recommend half the adult dosage while they are in their youth.

13. Can pregnant women take this vitamin?
Absolutely. In fact, if you take a look at our web site you will see that some of the most important nutrients for pregnancy, like Iron and Vitamin A, are much more highly absorbed safely than so-called pre-natal formulas on the market.

14. Why is this vitamin so expensive when I can buy a basic multi-vitamin at discount stores for less?
WFMC is not expensive when compared based on the number of capsules and the number of ingredients. In fact, we offer a low price guarantee: If you can find ALL the ingredients in WFMC for less, we will ship six bottles of WFMC to you absolutely free!

Remember a basic vitamin mineral is just that… basic. WFMC, on the other hand, also contains probiotics, enzymes, antioxidant herbs, bone and joint support, an energy and weight formula, and an immune support blend. It is much, much more than a basic vitamin mineral. And if you go to any store that sells supplements–even the big box discount stores that sell cheap, synthetic vitamins–you will soon find that you must purchase five to seven different bottles of product to acquire all the ingredients in WFMC!

15. Will I notice a difference in how I feel after taking this supplement? If so, how long might it take?
The most common benefit customers report is increased energy. This can happen within a few days. The next most common improvement reported is improved digestion. Thanks to the digestive enzymes and probiotcs in the WFMC blend, it is not unusual to see improvement in heartburn and irregular bowel movements within a week or so. Having said that, it is important to remember that everyone is different. The different body types of customers; the different levels of health of customers as they start taking WFMC; the different metabolic rates, and many other factors all play a part.

As a nutritional supplement, WFMC is designed to provide a wide array of nutrients that are missing in the Standard American Diet. Because of this, most customers are taking WFMC to protect their quality of life over the long-term. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can receive a full refund if you feel you are not receiving a benefit. You can review our 100% guarantee here.  However, if you research each of the 54 ingredients in WFMC, we feel confident you will realize you are receiving an unmatched level of nutrients compared to any other single product.

Many of our customers have been with us from the beginning, and have taken WFMC for 15 years because they are confident that WFMC is helping maintain their overall health.  So, even if the results you realize are not as drastic as others, you can be confident that you are still receiving critical nutrients with each dose you take.

16. How do you determine what vitamins are needed for a given body type?
The parameters for most vitamins and minerals are broad, but there are some important factors that remain consistent with all of us. Peer-reviewed research also shows the major concerns of the population in North America, and the deficiencies that occur. We have also made sure the levels of nutrients for specific concerns are elevated in the WFMC formula so that we cover the basis for most all the population.

17. How are the vitamins and minerals different than other multi-vitamin products?
The biggest difference, of course, is that WFMC is much more than a vitamin/mineral product. WFMC provides six other types of nutrients besides vitamins and minerals. However, for the purpose of answering this question, we will focus solely on what makes the vitamins and minerals in WFMC different:

A. We use whole food vitamins (food-based vitamins).
B. We use chelated minerals, which have superior absorption rates in the body.
C. We use a proprietary enzyme delivery system (Opti-Blend) to ensure even greater absorption.

D. We use the forms of vitamins and minerals that we feel are most readily backed by research. For example, if you look at the label on a cheap vitamin/mineral product, you will likely see “calcium carbonate” listed as the calcium. Calcium carbonate is just chalk–you can look this up in an encyclopedia. It is used because it is cheap; however, it will not metabolize in the body the same way as a superior (and expensive) form of calcium–such as the chelated calcium we use.

To see research showing the superior absorption rates of chelated minerals, please visit AlbionMinerals.com.

18. Do you need to take food with this supplement?
At first some people are not used to absorbing a strong mix of nutrients all at once, so it is advised to take it with food. Moreover, since the formula includes enzymes that are specifically designed to aid digestion, we recommend taking three capsules with each meal. However, taking the capsules with meals is not absolutely required, and, as you get used to all the powerful nutrients in WFMC, you should be able to take it anytime. For example, you may wish to take several capsules mid-afternoon to take advantage of the energy-boosting properties.

19. Is it okay to have caffeine while taking WFMC?
Yes; however, please keep in mind that caffeine is a stimulant and its intake should be governed by each individual. Research shows caffeine can be helpful in certain situations, but should be used modestly. There is nothing in the WFMC formula that will conflict with caffeine; however, you should remember that WFMC helps your body absorb ALL nutrients better. This includes caffeine. So, make sure you listen to your body and make good informed decisions.

Remember that WFMC contains an energy blend to help you maintain energy levels during the day. This is a healthier alternative to caffeine and energy drinks. So, consider using increased WFMC doses to increase your energy levels–and cut back on caffeine.

20. Is heat used in manufacturing this product?
High heat is not used to make our vitamin. That is one of the reasons that the formula is in a capsule. We use plant enzymes, live probiotics and whole foods in our formula. So, we need to make sure that the temperature never goes above 118 degrees Fahrenheit in the entire process so that everything is alive and stays that way.

21. When the vitamins in WFMC are formulated, what is the resident frequency used?
In recent years research on resident frequency has become an important issue for some health-conscience customers. We utilize the understanding of organic “dextro-rotatory” spins with our nutrients. What this means is that we make sure every nutrient has a right hand (life-giving) spin to it. If it is an inorganic “levo-rotatory” (non life-bearing) spin then we do not use that nutrient.

22. What is the Ph level of the WFMC formula?
The Ph level will change slightly with each batch due to the nature of whole foods, but the formula will always be alkaline, and help the body deal with the acid environment we all encounter in our daily lives.

23. Regarding folate, is a generic or synthetic form of folic acid used in this?
The B-Vitamins in the formula, like folic acid and folate, come from the whole food source of vegetarian yeast. Additional amounts of each vitamin are added to the whole food base to ensure the nutrients take on the organic right hand spin (dextrorotary) direction needed to work properly in the body.

24. Is it bad for women to take iron supplements after menopause?
Organic absorbable iron is not bad for women to take after menopause. If this were true, you would be told not to eat dark green vegetables. The non-absorbable form of iron (iron sulfate) is the form that is of concern for women. This is because it is a form that is difficult for the body to absorb. We cannot give medical advice, so if this is of concern to you, you should review it with your doctor. Having said that, be sure to ask your doctor about the different forms of iron. If he/she is not informed on the different forms of iron, you should consult with a health professional who is.

25. Where do the fruits and vegetables used to make this vitamin come from?
Most of our fruits, vegetables and herbs are sourced from the United States and South American countries. However, each batch of product we make is different; and sourcing foods with the highest antioxidant potency can sometimes prove to be a real challenge. At times as many as 15 different countries are sourced to provide the 54 ingredients we require. All ingredients are quarantined and tested per Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines before encapsulation.

26. What are the “K” and “J” factors in reference to the whole food vitamin C?
They represent the other unknown nutrient factors that are present in a complete vitamin C but, as yet, have not been given technical names.

27. What is the source for the Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)?
The B source for the WFMC formula is Vegetarian Yeast. At the beginning of this process, all of the whole foods are “fed” the regular source of inexpensive vitamins that are found in the stores. The whole foods absorb these inorganic (left hand spin) nutrients and converts them to organic (right hand spin) whole foods–in the same manner that plants absorb nutrients from the ground.

28. I thought Vitamin E, as from d-alpha tocopherols, was synthetic. Since it is listed on the WFMC label, is it derived from food?
The tocopherols are from seed oil and wheat germ.

29. The probiotic blend lists some unusual sounding strains – for example: Bifidobacterium infantis. What do these various strains represent and where are they from?
All of the strains of probiotics come from Nebraska Cultures. These specific strains were developed by Nebraska Cultures as the ones that are most needed in the human intestinal tract for increased immunity and absorption of nutrients. Learn more about Nebraska Cultures at NebraskaCultures.com.

30. What process is used (freeze-drying, lyophilization, etc) in the production of WFMC?
The process used in the WFMC formula is specific to each type of nutrient. The whole foods are cool-air dried so that the enzyme content is retained. The probiotics utilize a patented cryogenic process developed at the University of Nebraska, under the direction of Dr. Khem Shahani. The minerals are organically chelated with amino acids through a patented process through Albion Labs in Clearfield, Utah.

The enzymes are plant-based from a fermentation process. Our provider is Specialty Enzymes, which is located in India. The enzymes are produced under the direction of world-renowned enzyme expert, Vic Rathy. For more information on our enzyme supplier, please visit SpecialtyEnzymes.com.

We feel confident that all of our processes are the very best known to science to guarantee the delivery of the nutrients at the cellular level–our primary goal.

31. What is the difference between WFMC and “pharmaceutical-grade” vitamins?
The terminology “pharmaceutical-grade” usually refers to one of two descriptions:

1) Most pharmaceutical grade vitamins are made in a large factory and are synthetic.
2) Quality systems that are in place to ensure quality.

As a food-based supplement, WFMC definitely does not meet the criteria of the first definition; however, we follow the criteria of the second definition by following strict GMP procedures (Good Manufacturing Practices).

32. Can “nursing” women take this vitamin?
Yes, nursing women have additional needs above and beyond the rest of the public. You will notice that the WFMC formula supports those basic needs, plus provides many other supporting nutrients which will benefit “Mom.” We encourage you to read the label carefully and research the benefits of each and every nutrient. You will discover WFMC provides more beneficial nutrients than any other single product.

33. Can I increase the amount of WFMC I take for extra benefits?
WFMC is designed to meet the USDA’s recommended 100% Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for the most common vitamins and minerals. Many people feel the government recommendations are inadequate, so increase the amount of WFMC they take. This is especially common for larger individuals; for people participating in strenuous exercise; people eating a lot of junk food; and people working or living in stressful environments. It is also helpful to take extra WFMC with each meal when you are trying to lose weight. The energy-providing nutrients can be a big help for weight loss when taken in higher amounts. Learn more about using WFMC for weight loss here.

Since WFMC is a food-based product, increasing the basic dose is typically beneficial and safe; however, we always recommend reviewing your health status with your doctor before embarking on any nutritional supplement regimen. Remember that WFMC also contains an unmatched 54 total ingredients. While this provides a wide array of beneficial nutrients, anyone with food allergies should check the label carefully.

34. Can I decrease the amount of WFMC I take?
Yes, but we recommend that this be done only for younger children. WFMC is designed to meet the USDA’s recommended 100% RDA for adults for the most common vitamins and minerals. To accomplish this you must take at least the recommended dosage. WFMC also provides appropriate levels of digestive enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants when taken at the recommended dosage. These nutrients do not have government recommended daily allowances; however, research shows that they must be taken in the amounts we have provided–or higher–to receive the desired benefit.

35. Is there any way to remove yeast from WFMC?
The yeast in our formula is a nutritional yeast, which does not create any of the adverse reactions other yeasts do. Most people with sensitivities to certain ingredients such as this, or to certain vegetables, do not have these same sensitivities to WFMC because we use enzymes to pre-digest the nutrients.

36. Is WFMC gluten free? Is it soy free?
Yes, it is both gluten free AND soy free.

37. Is it really necessary to take 3 vitamins three times a day if a person is shorter than average height and lighter than average weight?
Yes–if you want to receive the 100% RDA of vitamins and minerals, plus appropriate levels of enzymes to aid digestion. Also, the nine capsules per day are necessary if you want to receive appropriate amounts of the formula’s probiotics each day.

WFMC is formulated to give you 100% of your daily needs for vitamins and minerals based on the FDA’s recommended daily allowance. These basic daily needs are actually just a guideline, and many health experts feel that greater amounts are needed. You are fine with taking the recommended amount and your body will definitely benefit from them even if there is a little extra (due to your body size being small).

Remember, besides the vitamins and minerals there are six other categories of nutrients in WFMC. The effective intake of these nutrients varies very little between the size of different people. For example, experts state that every person should contain approximately three pounds of probiotics in their gut for an optimal immune system. They do not differentiate between the size of people since the difference would be minimal.

38. I heard that streptococcus thermophilus is not a good nutrient to take for a long period of time. Is this true?
Thermophilus is a great choice for our formula, because it is one of the friendly bacteria that is deficient in a lot of the U.S. population due to our poor diet choices. Dr. Kem Shahani is the probiotic expert who helped with the strains and dosages utilized in this formula, and his suggestions are based on numerous peer-reviewed published articles and research studies he performed at the University of Nebraska. In fact, he has been noted as the world’s leading authority in probiotics.

Antibiotics, carbonation, pollution and stress are not specific to what bacteria they destroy. All the friendly bacteria in a person’s gut are being diminished by these outside factors on an ongoing basis… so, it only makes sense that we need to add back probiotics regularly.

39. Does this product have Phosphoric Acid?
No. Phosphoric acid is used for many industrial applications, including the production of fertilizers and cleaning agents. It is also used to give soda pop its “fizziness.” We feel it has no place in a quality nutritional supplement.

40. The label for WFMC formula lists 30 IU of vitamin E per daily serving. Why do some supplements list as much as 400 IU?
Higher dose listings for vitamin E (or other vitamins and minerals) are found in products that feature just one, or a few, nutrients. Our goal with WFMC was to provide as many nutrients as possible in a single product. The recommended daily allowance suggested by the FDA is 30 IU’s for 100% of a person’s daily needs. As we do with dozens of nutrients in WFMC, we supply the government RDA of vitamin E.

Remember WFMC is a “maintenance formula.” There may be times in a person’s life that they may want to increase certain nutrients beyond the “maintenance” level. You can do this by taking additional WFMC, or by taking higher “therapeutic” doses of individual nutrients (such as vitamin E, vitamin D, etc.).

41. At what age can children take this supplement?
Whenever they can swallow a capsule, they can start taking it. This is because the ingredients are from whole foods. The ingredients are safer and better-absorbed than most children’s multi-vitamins on the market. Of course the usual allergy considerations should be made. Check the label carefully relative to any foods that may be of concern to your child, and discuss with your doctor if necessary.

42. Some women avoid wild yam because of the hormonal effects. Is this relative to the wild yam in WFMC?
The hormonal effects are from providing the whole food, and the body using what it needs. For most people the yam acts just like a sweet potato and provides great amounts of vitamin A. Remember, also, that all the foods and herbs in WFMC are supplied at “maintenance” levels. Since Whole Food Multi Complete is a blend of 54 different ingredients, it is only supplying a modest amount of wild yam as compared to a product that is 100% wild yam.

43. Is there any caffeine in WFMC?
No. For the energy blend in WFMC we use ginkgo biloba, licorice root, grape seed extract, and our whole food B-vitamins.

44. Is it true that having spinach present with calcium prevents absorption of the calcium?
The only time spinach or any other food can hurt the absorption of calcium is when the calcium is not in the Amino Acid Chelated form, or whole food cultured. Our minerals are complete just like nature makes them. The reason other minerals like calcium carbonate or calcium citrate have a hard time when they are not cultured with foods is because they are not complete, and one of the receptor sites of the mineral is bound to chemicals in the food that make it hard to absorb.

45. Is heat involved in the mineral chelation processes when making WFMC?
Yes, at first there is a heat chemical reaction, which is used to bond the mineral to the amino acids. This is a process that mimics the way plants chelate or “draw up” minerals from the ground. This is a natural process that occurs, and does not denature any of the minerals.

46. What is the ORAC value in Whole Food Multi Complete’s antioxidants?
Although the ORAC value is important, WFMC’s antioxidant protection was formulated from a different perspective. Science has discovered many different free radicals, so we formulated WFMC to combat these oxidants with the specific nutrients to neutralize each different radical.

Compared to a product that was only an antioxidant supplement, WFMC’s ORAC value in each daily serving would be relatively low–at a “maintenance” level. This is because WFMC provides six other categories of nutrients besides antioxidants. If you desire a substantial “therapeutic” level of antioxidants each day, you may want to consider a product that is designed only for supplying a huge antioxidant dose each day, such as Fruit & Veggie Total

47. Does the WFMC formula have carbohydrates?
There is a difference between MACRO nutrients (like protein, carbohydrates and fats) and MICRO nutrients. Micro nutrients are vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. A vitamin product is a micro nutrient product and is not considered a carbohydrate. If there were carbs or proteins in the formula it would have to be listed on the label. In short, there are no carbohydrates in measurable amounts in WFMC.

48. If someone has problems with yeast infections, can he/she take WFMC?
When dealing with any health condition you should always consult with your doctor before embarking on any supplement program. Having said that, many nutrients in Whole Food Multi Complete have been shown to be a benefit for people suffering from this health challenge (especially the probiotics). Many of our customers corroborate this; however, since we do not give medical advice, we encourage you to review the 54 ingredients in WFMC and conduct your own research.


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