LowPriceStarburst Your purchase of Whole Food Multi Complete comes with a 100% low price guarantee.

In fact, you could really call our guarantee a “600% low price guarantee.”

This is how it works:

If you can find all the nutrients we include in Whole Food Multi Complete at a lower price, we’ll give you a six-month supply of our product.

That’s six bottles absolutely free!

Whole Food Multi Complete was created with the specific goal of supplying a complete supplement program in an economical and practical formula.

We accomplished this in two ways:

First we combine over 50 ingredients into a unique “seven supplements in one” formula. Then we package our formula in large, economical 270-capsule bottles.

We know no one else does this, so we guarantee the price. And we’ll even go a step further:

Even though Whole Food Multi Complete’s formula contains over two-dozen REAL FOODS AND HERBS, we’ll let you compare pricing to those cheap synthetics at your local big-box retailer! (Yes, those garbage supplements that don’t contain a singel real food… just “chemical” nutrients.)

So please compare what it costs to put this many nutrients together somewhere else. You can do it at your local health food store or at a big-box discount store.

We’re sure you won’t be able to do it at a lower cost.

Then you can purchase your Whole Food Multi Complete with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re saving money while improving your health!


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