Opti Cleanse & Repair

OptiCleanse 90 Capsules

Primary blend:
Licorice root, Psyllium, Oat bran, Celery, Sweet potato, Apple pectin, Grapefruit pectin and Chlorella.

Suggested uses:
* To address irregular bowel movements
* To supplement low fiber diets
* To remove heavy metal toxicities
* General detoxification

Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxic substances. There is no place on earth today that is completely free from toxins in the environment. And once inside our bodies, these toxins, acting as free radicals, attack our cells.

Long-term this constant attack culminates in disease. The toxins build-up in the body because, due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, they are not regularly eliminated.

DigestionGraphic Most products on the market today use a fiber base to push toxins and metals out of the system.

This approach can have some success; however, there is a risk of the toxins re-depositing in the tissues before they are eliminated from the body.

Most detoxification formulas lack the “chelating” agents that cling to toxins and keep them from binding to another receptor site within the body.

Opti-Cleanse & Repair combines non-digestible and functional fibers to surround toxins. Enzymes are included to partially digest these fibers to form a gelatinous-fiber matrix which enshrouds the toxins and accompanies them out of the body.

Ensuring proper elimination means the toxins don’t recirculate in the body causing more unwanted reactions. Two key binding ingredients are also used to safely remove the toxins–chlorella and magnesium glycyl glutamine.

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90 capsules


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